Paintings Will Illustrate Course That Has Been Given This Term by Yale Lecturer

Authorities of Fogg Art Museum announced yesterday that the major exhibition for this year will start on Monday and will last for two weeks. The showing this year, held in honor of Professor C. B. Tinker, of Yale, will feature eighteenth and early nineteenth century English paintings, lent for the occasion by private collectors, university museums, and well known dealers from all parts of the country.

Work by the outstanding artists of the great tradition of this age and school, beginning with Hogarth, and including the pictures of Reynolds, Romney, Gainsborough, Turner, Constable, and Lawrence, will be shown. During the second half of this year students in the Department of Fine Arts have studied the works of these men under the guidance of Professor Tinker, who is a visiting lecturer here at the present time.

Will Aid Fine Arts Students

Directors of Fogg Museum stated yesterday that "In honor of Professor Tinker's presence, and in appreciation of his great contribution, there could be no more satisfactory culmination to this interesting course than an exhibit of important examples illustrating these lectures. Effort has been made to include as many important examples of the work of each of these artists as it is possible to gather together and there will be shown not only paintings in oil, but water colors and pencil and wash drawings, as well as engravings and mezzotints which pertain to the works shown.

Among the museums which have contributed to the show are the Metropolitan Museum the Duncan Phillips Memorial Gallery, the Chicago Art Institute and the Cincinnati Art Museum. From the last mentioned institution an especially fine Raeburn has been received, a painting entitled. "The Elfenstone Children." Paintings have also been donated by the School of Fine Arts at Yale, and also the Elizabethan


Club in New Haven.

Mrs. William Emerson and I.D. Levy are among the private collectors who have lent art treasures to the exhibit. Prominent dealers who have aided with donations include the Robert C. Vose Galleries, the Howard Young Galleries. Knoedler and Company, and Sir Joseph Devine. The public as well as all members of the University are invited to visit this major exhibition, which will be one of the most complete of its kind in the United States