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Six new assistant professors have been appointed to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard, and four assistant professors and one clinical professor have been appointed to the Faculty of the Medical School it was announced yesterday at University Hall.

The list of new assistant professors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, together with their fields, is as follows: M. P. Billings '23, Geology; A. C. Comey '07, City Planning: F. H. Crawford, Physics: L. F. Fieser, Chemistry: R. H. Pfeiffer, Semitic Languages; and M. J. Williams, Landscape Architecture.

In the Medical School, the following men have been made assistant professors C. S. Keefer: S. A. Levine '11: J P O'Hare '08; and F. W. Paifrey '98. F. T. Lord '97 has been made a clinical professor.

Crawford N. D. Graduate

Crawford was graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1920 with the degree of S. B. Since 1920, an instructor in Physics. Crawford was Bayard Cutting Fellow for Research in Physics from 1927 until 1929. Recently he was given one of the Milton awards, which he is to use for research in an amplifier for small direct currents.

Billings obtained his masters degree from Harvard in 1925, and his Ph.D. in 1927. Since 1922 he has been an assistant in Meteorology, assistant in Geology, and, since 1925, an instructor in Geology. Keefer graduated from Bucknell in 1918 with the degree of S. B., and obtained his M.D. from Johns Hopkins in 1922. After serving first as an assistant and then as a tutor at the Baltimore institution, Keefer went to the University of Chicago, where he was an instructor from 1926 until 1928. Since that time he has acted as an assistant professor at the Medical College at the University of Peking.

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