To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Dr. Bapat's remarks on the Indian problem, as you report them seem to call for some further comment.

The British may "capitalize" the very grave political issues which divide Hindu and Moslem, in the sense that it is those among other things, which make the continuance of their power in India necessary and inevitable; but Dr. Bapat advances no evidence to show that they foment such controversy. Such a policy would defeat its own ends by uniting the hostile groups, and it would involve the danger of a religious war fatal to every British interest.

Dr. Bapat does not mention the problem of the native states, or the fact that less than 10 percent of the people are literate, according to latest statistics. Language differences (which he euphemistically terms "dialectical"), and rigid caste barriers will be removed, he says, in the future. "It is only a question of time." Perhaps so; but the British authorities have repeatedly promised India ultimate complete self government, to be granted by installments, and the only question is her present readiness for it.

The salt tax is attacked; yet additional expenditures are proposed. Where is the money to come from in a poverty-stricken country? No doubt the British officials would be glad of suggestions. They cannot be expected to assume responsibility for law and order, however, if they are not to have the army they consider necessary; and 228,000 men does not seem excessive, in view of the grave problems both within and on the frontier. Dr. Bapat would hardly suggest that they relinquish responsibility for law and order. There were 116 killed and 700 injured in religious riots in his own city of Bombay last year; one can imagine the welter which would follow if the British surrendered effective control. Groups which out one another's throats in the face of the foreigner would not be likely to agree among themselves when he wan gone If India were a nation there would be no differences such an alien rulers could "capitalize." Chas W. Lightbody 1G