Crimson Quarterback is Appointed as Committee Head--Treasurer Handles Budget

Vernon Munroe Jr. '31, of New York, Crimson track star, last night was elected president of the Student Council at the first meeting of the new board. The fifteen members of the Council, elected last week by popular vote of the student body, also chose Benjamin Holt Ticknor II '31, Captain-elect of the 1930 football team, as vice-president, Richard Norman Clark Jr. '32, of Atlanta, Georgia, as secretary, and Henry Chalfant Jr. '31, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as treasurer.

William Barry Wood Jr. '32, of Milton, was appointed by the president as Chairman of the Student Council Committee on Freshman Affairs; to head the Advisory Committee he chose Marshall Winslow Stearns '31, of Cambridge. Wood succeeds S. L. Batchelder '31 in charge of Freshman activities; it will be his duty, with the assistance of the Freshman Hall proctors, to guide the Class of 1934 in its choice of dormitory committees and in the selection of the 1934 Red Book board.

The first action of the newly-organized Council was to recommend to the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports that a coach be provided for the golf team, beginning with next season. It is the feeling of the Council that, despite the fact that Harvard's golf team is one of remarkable ability, the addition of a golf coach to the staff of Crimson athletic mentors is desirable.

The budget, drawn up annually by the Council to arrange, for assistance of worthy charities, will be under the direction of Chalfant, in accordance with a precedent established last year, when John Cross '30, treasurer of the Council, had charge of this part of the Council's program.

The complete list of this year's members is as follows:

Vernon Munroe Jr. '31, Henry Chalfant Jr. '31, S. P. Duggan '31, Harwood Ellis '31, B. H. Ticknor '31, J. W. Hallowell '31, J. N. Trainer '31, T. W. Dunn '31, R. C. Aldrich '31, C. D. Dillon '31, W. B. Wood Jr. '32, N. P. Hallowell '32, E. E. Record '32, R. N. Clark Jr. '32, and Eustis Dearborn '32.