To the Victor Belong the Spoils


To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

According to a member of the Freshman Jubilee Committee, a dinner is being held for the members of that committee and their guests at the Ritz on the evening of the dance; it is my understanding that this dinner is to be paid for at a price of $3.50 a head out of the funds of the Freshman Jubilee, providing there is a surplus after all bills have been paid, and that the officers of the Freshman Class give their consent. In View of the already high price of Jubilee tickets ($7 per couple, $5 stag), with $1 reduction to purchasers of the Red Book), it seems to me that this action is unwarranted and merits protest from the class.

It might be argued by members of the committee that such an appropriation from the Jubilee funds comes as a reward for their work on the Jubilee Committee, if it were not that their recompense has already been seen to, by allowing them to enter the Jubilee free of charge.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that the members of this committee are not elected, but appointed. If there were some sort of competition for positions on the committee some division of spoils might be justified. As it is, the committeemen are responsible to their classmates for putting over the Jubilee at as low cost as practicable.

I am convinced that it is a privilege of every member of the Freshman Class to attend the Jubilee. Because of the great expense of even the bare necessities, however, many cannot go. Every increase over the cost of such necessities deprives so many members of the class the privilege of enjoying the Jubilee. Surely, its is worth while to spend money on good orchestras, good food, and attractive decorations; but to use some of the money for the entertainment soley of the committee members goes a step too far.


It all boils down to this: is the Jubilee Committee to be a corporation whose purpose it is to make money for its members, one that "runs" the Jubilee in its own way, excluding anyone it likes; or is it to be a committee from the Freshman Class aiming to supply the members of that class with a worthy Jubilee? (Name withheld by request.)