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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Our campaign is directed not at the general university employment situation, which is finally being considered, but at the case of the Widener scrub-women upon which, unfortunately, the administration has refused to act.

The editorial atitude of the CRIMSON seems even less creditable than that of the administration. To refuse to act because of a belief that one is right, is understandable. To acknowledge a glaring and discreditable wrong and to refuse to repair it, is incredible. We feel, with the CRIMSON, that the incident is Harvard's stigma and is indefensible, but we propose to act. It is queer that we should be charged with adding to the stigma by publicity. The CRIMSON has acknowledged a glaring injustice and only a perverted view could see an open avowal and correction of the wrong as unfavorable in the public eye. Our course is the only one now available by which the stigma may be erased.

We hope by righting this incident to make the occurrence of similar ones less probable in the future. As we have said, our defection was in money as well as in conduct. Let us wipe out both. Only then have we a right to forget the incident.

The Harvard Square Deal Association.

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