Announcement was made last night by J. N. Trainer '31, head Class Day usher, of the appointment of 25 Juniors and Sophomores to usher at the Senior Spread and dance which will be held in Memorial Hall Monday evening beginning at 9 o'clock. Of those chosen 18 are members of the class of 1931 while the other seven were picked from the Sophomore Class.

The ushers at the Senior Spread this year are picked mainly from the list of Junior ushers for Class Day which was announced earlier by Trainer. At that time 58 men were named to usher in the Yard during the Class Day exercises.

Commencement Week begins Sunday with the Baccalaureate Service in Appleton Chapel at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when President Lowell will deliver the Baccalaureate Sermon. On Monday morning the Phi Beta Kappa will hold its annual exercises in Sanders Theatre at 11.30 o'clock in the morning. In the evening the Senior Spread will be held.

On Class Day the Tree Oration will be delivered to the members of the Senior Class while the alumni march to the Stadium where the Ivy Oration will be delivered. On Wednesday the Harvard-Yale baseball game will be held at Soldiers Field and on Thursday the degrees will be awarded.

The list of men who will assist Trainer is as follows: R. C. Aldrich '31, E. C. Amazeen '31, R. P. Angier Jr. '32, W. P. Arnold Jr. '31, A. S. Bullock '32, R. McH. Chilson '31, P. S. Dalton Jr. '31, M. M. dePicabia '31, S. P. Duggan '31, C. S. Eaton '32, R. S. Edwards '31, R. M. Faxon '32, D. C. Forbes '31, J. B. Garrison '31, L. N. Grimes '31, J. A. Holmes '32, A. W. Huguley '31, R. H. Johnson Jr. '31, F. H. Kales 3d. '32, J. L. Madden '31, Geoffrey Parsons '31, R. K. Safford '31, Marshall Stearns '32, P. M. Sweezy '31, and P. A. Tolman '31.