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Among the Alumni

In Which One Can Ascertain Who is Presiding in His Own Section




Harvard Club of Kansas. James R. Burrow Jr., '17, Central Trust Co., Topeka.

Harvard Club of Wichita. President: Marc C. Clapp '07, First Trust Company, Wichita. Secretary-Treasurer; Monroe E. Garrison Jr., Grad. Bus. '24-26, First National Bank Bldg., Wichita.


Harvard Club of Norman. President: W. B. Swinford '00, Department of Government, University of Oklahoma, Norman. Secretary-Treasurer: Lawrence N. Morgan. A.M. '16, University of Oklahoma, Norman.

Harvard Club of Oklahoma. President: Mark R. Everett, Ph.D. '24, University of Oklahoma Medical School, East 13th St., Oklahoma City. Secretary-Treasurer: Paul S. Reed '15, 1448 South Denver Ave., Tulsa.


Harvard Club of the Rocky Mountains. President: Cass M. Herrington '17, Symes Bldg., Denver. Vice-President: C. F. Emery, Grad. Bus. '15-16, 435 Clermont Parkway, Denver. Vice-President: F. O. Vaille '74, 1401 Franklin St., Denver. Secretary-Treasurer: Theodore S. Hannington '23, 360 Gilpin St., Denver.


Harvard Club of Columbia. President: James W. Rankin '92, 311 Thilly Ave., Columbia. Secretary-Treasurer: S. Kerby-Miller, Columbia.

Harvard Club of Kansas City. President LeRoy J. Snyder '08, 3706 Locust St., Kansas City. Vice-President: Harold R. Jones '26, 201 E. 37th St., Kansas City. Secretary: Jack P. Chesney '24, 111 West 10th St., Kansas City. Treasurer: Wilfred C. Wann '21, Commerce Trust Co., Kansas City.

Harvard Club of St. Louis. President: George T. Moore '95, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis. Vice-President: A. C. Boylston '03, 3600 N. Second St., St. Louis. Vice-President: Archer O'Reilly '02, 3534 Washington Blvd., St. Louis. Secretary: Richard Murey Jr., '27, 320 N. Fourth St., St. Louis. Treasurer: Frederick B. Swarts '26, 5362 Waterman Ave., St. Louis.


Harvard Club of Arkansas. Alfred G. Kahn '07, Union Trust Co., Little Rock.



Harvard Club of Louisiana. President: William P. Burke Jr., LL.B. '23, New Orleans Bank & Trust Co., New Orleans. Vice-President: Richard B. Montgomery Jr., LL.B. '25. 1304 Canal Bank Bldg., New Orleans. Vice-President: E. Kirby Newburger, '21, 405 Cotton Exchange Bldg., New Orleans. Secretary: Randolph I. Newman '23, care of L. F. Rothschild & Co., Union Indemnity Bldg., New Orleans. Treasurer: Randolph I. Newman '23.


Texas Federation of Harvard Clubs. President: Louis W. Hickey '10, 623 Construction Bldg., Dallas. Secretary: B. N. Willis '03, University Club, Dallas.

Harvard Club of Austin. President: W. J. Battle, '93, University of Texas, Austin. Secretary-Treasurer: F. L. Jewett '00, 2007 University Ave., Austin.

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