Defeated by Princeton, Penn, as Third University Crew Loses--Combination Seatings Announced

Red Top, Conn., June 1--Harvard's oarsmen, including members of the University. Freshman, and Jayvee eights, arrived here today, attended by coaches, managers, attendants, and launch-drivers, and immediately went to the training quarters. Coach Whiteside plans to hold his first workout on the Thames tomorrow morning.

Shells and launches preceded the Harvard squad, and tonight all is in readiness for the inauguration of three weeks' work before the Crimson-Eli regatta on June 20.

When the University and Jayvee eights take the water tomorrow it is expected that the same seatings which were in order last Wednesday, when the crew finished practice in Cambridge, will be used.

Combination Seating Named

The Crimson combination crew, which will meet the Yale combination on June 19, was announced yesterday. It includes the following men: A. H. Parker '32, E. L. Millard Jr. '31, Lawrence Grinnell Jr. '31, Amor Hollingsworth Jr. '31, J. A. Luetkemeyer '33, A. D. Robertson '33, J. H. Nickerson '33, and S. B. Wolcott Jr. '33. T. H. Dickerson '33, coxswain of the second Freshman eight, will hold--the rudder ropes in the combination; no other seatings have yet been definitely determined.


Lightweights Third

After leading the fleet for four-fifths of the race, the Crimson 150-pounders finished third in their event Saturday in the American Henley, rowed on the Schuylkill at Philadelphia. The Princeton lightweights, rallying in the last quarter-mile, won, with the Penn oarsmen placing second. Yale, an eight which defeated Harvard in the trials, finished last in the finals.

The third University boat also placed third in its event, preceded across the finish line by the eights of Yale and Princeton. In the feature event of the day, the Childs Cup Race, Columbia's heavyweight boat won the trophy for the third straight year.

The Harvard seatings:

Third University--stroke, Brownell; 7, Millard; 6, Grinnell; 5, Lewis; 4, Rood; 3, Hollingsworth; 2, Lawrence; bow, Wintringham; coxswain, Becker.

150-pounders--stroke, Byrne; 7, Roberts; 6, Ames; 5, Locke; 4, Rainbolt; 3, Woodward; 2, Adams; bow, Perry, coxswain, Kimball.