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Red Top, Conn., June 3--The Crimson eights had their longest workout of the season yet this morning when Coach Whiteside sent the University and Jayvee boats through an eight mile workout. Taking advantage of the fine weather, which continued today, the crews rowed another six miles during the late afternoon, finishing with a half mile race.

After the two workouts Coach Whiteside expressed himself as being well pleased with the progress his oarsmen are making. Seatings which were decided before the Crimson squad departed for Red Top still prevail, and there is no immediate prospect of any change.

Today's practice, with the exception of the race, was extremely light, most of the time being devoted to paddling. No heavy work is planned until the close of the examination period, the Harvard mentor said.

1933 Seating Unchanged

Coach Haines' crew, the undefeated Freshmen whose record has helped to redeem the somewhat spotty Harvard season, reached the three mile mark in practice twice today, taking the water both in morning and late in the afternoon. The 1933 oarsmen retain the seating order which was in effect last in Cambridge, G. J. Cassedy '33 at stroke, and W. B. Bacon '33 back in his old seat, number six, after an accident in Cambridge which kept him out of the boat for over a week.

The crews, free from city routine, and able to spend all their time at training camp, have been rowing late in the afternoon, often coming in several hours later than would be possible on the Charles. With so much time at his disposal and a squad free from the distractions of Cambridge life, Coach Whiteside has a splendid opportunity to whip his eights into shape before the crucial regatta on June 20.

Advance information relative to the Harvard-Yale regatta at New London, yesterday revealed the official schedule for the classic meeting between the Eli and Crimson sweep-swingers. According to information from the H. A. A., the combination crews will race on June 19, the event starting., over a two mile course, at 4 o'clock. The main regatta will follow on June 20.

The Freshman race will be held over the upper two miles of the course from Bartlett's Cove to the Submarine Base, at 9 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. At 10 o'clock the Jayvees will race over the same course.

Heavyweight Race at 6.30

The feature event, bringing the Harvard and Yale heavyweights together, is scheduled for 6.30 o'clock. The event will be rowed over the four mile down-stream course from Bartlett's Cove to the New London Bridge. All events are scheduled according to Eastern Standard Time.

The seating of the combination crew, picked before the squad left Cambridge, was also announced yesterday. It is as follows:

Stroke, A. H. Parker Jr. '32; 7. E. L. Millard Jr. '31; 6, Lawrence Grinnell Jr. '31; 5, A. D. Robertson '33: 4. J. C. Rice Jr. '33; 3, Amor Hollingsworth Jr. '31; 2, J. A. Luetkemeyer '33: bow. A. L. Nickerson Jr. '33; coxswain, T. H. Dickerson '33.

Parker stroked the Sophomore class crew, College champions: Hollingsworth Millard and Grinnell were members of the third University eight.

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