The Athletic Association yesterday announced the awarding of letters or numerals to 142 members of spring sport teams that have concluded their season and have played against Yale.

Only one major sport team has finished its season and there are 20 members of Coach Farrell's squad that have received their letters as a result of placing in the Yale meet. Vernon Munroe and Hennessy won their letters in the Indoor Intercollegiates but not in the Yale meet. Of the minor sport teams there are 12 men from the second baseball squad, seven golfers, 24 of Coach Sayles' lacrosse players, and nine members of the undefeated tennis team, that received their letters.

Besides all these there are 15 baseball players from the Freshman nine, 21 men from the Freshman lacrosse team, 10 1933 tennis players, 11 men from the Freshman track team, and 13 of the Sophomore baseball team, who also received their appropriate insignia.

Following is the complete list of letter winners:

Second University baseball--minor "H" to: L. B. Belknap '32, M. T. Crehan '30, R. J. Des Roches '32, R. F. Gleason 32, P. A. Ketchum '31, R. C. Laughlin '31, R. S. Ogden '31, T. G. O'Neil '30, Capt. E. B. Samborski '31, Solomon Smith '31, H. W. Snyder '32, A. D. Perry '31 Manager.


Class baseball--class numerals to the following members of the Sophomore team: A. J. Bates, R. E. Casey, R. B. Clement, A. J. Donnelly, R. N. Fisher, J. W. Fitzpatrick, P. E. Gorman, W. E. Hutchins, E. A. L. Jantzen, J. B. Mahoney, M. A. Rauh, E. C. Tyler, E. S. Newbury, Manager.

Freshman baseball--numerals to: S. S. Adams, Phillip Boyer, E. P. Campana, R. F. Curran, A. F. Dana, R. D. Kiernan, J. D. Lawlor, J. R. Leonard, J. P. McCaffrey, J. W. Putnam, M. W. Powell, St. J. Smith, T. J. Valenski, Capt., A. R. Benner, Manager, O. J. Fleming, Asst. Manager.

University golf--minor "H" to: W. P. Arnold '31, J. B. Baldwin '31, C. S. Eaton '32, Phillips Finlay '31, Capt., E. B. Murphy '31, L. D. Wood '31, and Pliny Jewell '31, Manager.

University lacrosse--minor "H" to: E. S. Amazeen '31, W. H. Boldt '30, Rawn Brinkley '31, L. C. Briggs '31, N. N. Cochrane '32, J. LeR. Davidson '30, T. W. Dunn '31, J. P. Faude '31, W. W. Foshay '31, R. C. Glenn '30, L. H. Gulick '31, J. W. Henderson '31, Wayne Hobbs '31, O. D. Johnson '31, S. W. Keck '32, James Marshall '31, A. McD. Murphy '30, H. M. Myerson '32, G. H. Pattison '32, H. G. Pope '31, G. S. Robinson '31, Capt., W. J. Salmon '30, H. B. Sanders '30, and H. G. Henchel '30, Manager.

Freshman lacrosse--minor sport numerals to: C. E. Angle, P. M. DeWolfe, R. E. Eaton, W. C. Everett, Bernard Feins, A. J. Graziano. Herman Gross, W. A. Huppuch, J. M. Jackson, H. A. Metz, W. A. Munroe, W. C. Owens, J. A. Redshaw, J. D. Reiher, W. S. Salant, A. P. Silverman, H. R. Steeves, G. Q. Thorndike, W. L. Tucker, L. Gillespie, and G. F. Hamman, Manager, was awarded 1932 numerals.

University tennis--minor "H" to: W. L. Brese '31, K. B. Daggett '30, D. M. Frame '32, M. T. Hill '30, Arthur Ingraham '31, R. L. Tower '31, E. B.-Ward '30, and R. S. Tennant '30, Manager.

Freshman tennis--minor sport numerals to: W. E. Aresnberg, J. M. Barnaby, Henry Greenberg, Richard Inglis, Capt., G. D. Key, M. McMichael, C. B. Sykes, G. P. Webber, H. R. Woodard, and G. B. Walker, Manager.

University track--major "H" to: G. N. Barrie '32, David Cobb '31. F. E. Cummings '30, C. E. Dunlap '30, B. E. Estes '32, J. W. Fobes '32, J. M. Fox '32, N. P. Hallowell '32, J. W. Kuehn '32, F. J. Mardulier '30, T. F. Mason '30, Capt., F. V. Nissen '30, J. H. Pearson '32, J. W. Potter '30, E. F. Record '32, W. C. Rowe '31, Oscar Sutermeister '32, P. N. Vonekx '31, David White Occ., and C. E. Galston, Manager '30. V. L. Hennessy '30 and Vernon Munroe '31, captain-elect won their "H" in the Indoor Intercollegiates but did not place in the Yale Meet.

Freshman track--numerals to: G. F. Bennett, Richard Borden, A. N. Davison, N. P. Dodge, Capt., A Foote, Alfred Kidder, H. F. Kollmyer, Peter Shuebruk, R. P. Wesley, B. P. Rogers, Manager, and Hamilton Young, Asst. Manager.