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Details of construction work on some of the new buildings now rising on all sides around Cambridge, hitherto known only to officials of the University and to the designing architects, were released yesterday at University Hall. Of chief interest and importance among the new buildings now under construction are three to be devoted to science, the Institute of Biology, the School of Geography, and the addition to the Jefferson Physical Laboratory. At the same time it was officially announced that the buildings being erected on the Massachusetts Avenue side of the Yard are to be Freshman dormitories.

The new Institute of Biology, a plant which will bring under one roof all the departments of the Division of Biology, is now under construction. The plant will be built around three sides of a quadrangular court, this court cut off from Divinity Avenue by Divinity Hall in the Theological School.

Georgian Style

Only the first two wings, those at the right and center, are being constructed at first; the third will await the raising of sufficient funds for its completion. The architecture is of the modernized Georgian style which is employed in all recent additions in the University. According to plans released last spring by the designing architects, it will be five stories in height, with red brick exterior walls on a reinforced concrete frame, and white steel casement fenestration.

The plant will, when finished, accommodate the Departments of Botany, Physiology and the Bussey Institution.

The new School of Geography is also under construction on Divinity Avenue, located between the Semitic Museum and the Harvard University Press building, Randall Hall. It will be two stories in height, with a flat roof on which will be placed a chart house. In the rear of the building will be located a lecture room seating 260. A library with a stock room for 80,000 volumes, a map room, chart room, instrument room, and provisions for the study of radio communication and serial photography are to be provided.

Connecting the old Jefferson Physical Laboratory and the Craft High Tension Laboratory will be an addition, three stories high. The foundations of this plant have already been begun. This addition will house research laboratories a library and an office.

Small Dorms

Three small dormitories are under construction along the Massachusetts Avenue side of the Yard, similar to Lienol and Mower Halls. These buildings will beginning next fail house members of the Freshman Class to the number of about 100 and living facilities they will in general resemble the already existing dormitories of the Yard.

The new Faculty Club on Quincy Street will be a three story back building in the Georgian style. It is expected to open in January. The new axis of the building will cause it to face the Union the entrance will be through the Hallo well Gate. The building will have in addition to the main dining room, a ladies dining room, and the usual offices. Nine bedrooms for resident members and guests of the club are to be provided on the third floor; a billiard room is planned for the basement.

During the summer alterations have been made in the Harvard Union to prepare for its use in 1931 as a Freshman dining hall. A kitchen and serving room have been installed on the first floor, and the old dining room, the living room, and the bandstand, which has been completely glassed in, have been connected; these three will serve as the Freshman dining halls in 1931. The newspaper, and game rooms, and the library, remain unchanged

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