Collections and Critiques

Fogg, Germanio Museums, Widener and Contemporary Art Show Works

There are at present nine exhibitions of interest on display in the various museums and galleries around the University.

The current exhibition at the Germanic Museum, in memory of Kuno Francke, professor of Germanic Culture, and former curator of the Museum, consists of German prints from the early fifteenth century to the present day.

In the New Fogg Museum of Art there are several exhibitions of worth. The paintings of the Naumburg Bequest, including Rembrandt's "Portrait of an Old Man", El Greco's "Christ Driving the Money-Changers from the Temple," and "Portrait of a Preacher of Holland" by Franz Hals, are perhaps the most important. There are also exhibitions of nineteenth century watercolors, Rembrandt etchings, and Old Master drawings, as well as the new loan exhibition of objects excavated at Ur by the joint expedition of the British Museum and the Museum of Pennsylvania.

A part of the Caroline Miller Parker Collection, given to the University by A. H. Parker '97, consisting of some of the works of Walter Crane is now on exhibition in the Treasure Room of Widener Library. Walter Crane, who was a well know book illustrator of the latter part of the nineteenth century, is represented by some of the original drawings and paintings for his illustrations of children's books, pages from his book, "Line and Form," and his sketch books, which he did for his own pleasure during his travels in Europe.

Also in Widener Library, in the Widener Room, is an exhibition of a series of Kate Greenaway Almanacs for the years 1883 to 1895 and a series of Punch's Pocket-Books.

For the modernists there is the current exhibition of the Harvard Society of Contemporary Art that will close Saturday. It consists mainly of the works of a colony of Germans known as the Bauhaus, and contains besides photographs of the very modern living quarters of the community, which is situated in Dessau near Berlin, a collection of paintings and drawings by members of the colony.