The University swimming team, 51 to 11 victor over Bowdoin last Friday, is expected to turn in another successful performance when it meets M. I. T. in the pool of the Indoor Athletic Building at 8 o'clock tonight. "The M. I. T. swimmers are not fast," Coach Ulen stated, "and we should not be pressed to defeat them."

In the meet with Amherst on January 10, resulting in a 45 to 23 defeat for M. I. T., Lutz clocked 26 4-5 seconds in the 50-yard dash as compared with the 24 3-4 seconds mark of B. S. Wood '33, Levinson in the backstroke fell 9 2-5 seconds short of the mark set by Fred Lewis '32, and the Engineers' relay team's time of 1 minute, 45 1-5 seconds compares unfavorably with the Crimson time, 1 minute, 40 3-5 seconds.

"The Freshman swimmers," who meet the Boys' Club of Boston at 3 o'clock in the pool, "are up against strong opponents averaging 20 years of age," Ulen pointed out.

The University entries are as follows:

50-yard free style--Harvard: R. D. Fallon '33, W. R. Timken '33, Frederick Ayer, II '31. M. I. T.: Baker, Teague.

440-yard swim--Harvard: T. F. McGuane, Jr. '31 and David Russell '31: M. I. T.: Lutz, and Wilder.

Dive--Harvard: J. P. Duane '32 and R. G. Luckey '31; M. I. T.: Lynch and Crick.

150-yard backstroke--Harvard: W. J. McTigue '33 and Fred Lewis '32: M. I. T.: Levinson and MacNeil.

200-yard breast stroke--Harvard: G. C. Larcom '33, H. C. Lehman '33 and J. S. Hartwell '32; M. I. T.: Holst and Turner.

100-yard swim Harvard: Addison Love '33. W. S. deLima '31, and B. S. Wood '33; M. I. T.: Lutz and Thomson.

Relay Harvard: R. D. Fallon '33. W. R. Timken '33, C. B. Currier '32, B. S. Wood '33, W. S. deLima '31, and Frederick Ayer, II '34, alternate. M. I. T.: Teague, Thomson, Willman, and Lutz.

The Freshman entries are as follows:

200-yard relay E. P. Baker, H. N. Carlson. George Wightman. G. L. Jorgenson: Dive Waters Kellogg: 50-yard free style George Wightman, Lowell Dillingham, Harold Dillingham; 100-yard backstroke R. S. Cosby, E. E. Stowell: 200-yard swim G. L. Jorgenson, H. M. Howe, R. S. Baxter: 100-yard breast stroke A. C. Dearing Jr., C. V. Bubbard: 100-yard free style George Wightman, H. N. Carlson.