Dunster, Lowell, Winthrop and Eliot Will Compete Together--150-Pound Crews May Race

Four house crews will participate in the second race of the season tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock over the three-quarter mile course in the Charles River Basin, starting from the Technology boat house.

Last week the four rivals Dunster, Eliot, Lowell, and Winthrop split up, on account of the darkness which made a quadrangular race risky, and Dunster and Winthrop barely managed to nose out their opponents.

The seatings:

Dunster House: Stroke, Peirce; 7, Hale; 6, Welch; 5, Barnes; 4, Bremer; 3, Dickinson; 2, Perkins; bow, Russell; Eliot House: Stroke, Winthrop; 7, Feichter; 6, Walcott; 5, White; 4, Hepburn; 3, Fabyan; 2, Young; bow, Adelsheim; cox., Quinby. Lowell House: Stroke, Wells; 7, Hatch; 6, McElheny; 5, Verman; 4, Morgan; 3, Fetcher; 2, Hoppin; bow, Patterson; cox., Thayer. Winthrop House; Stroke, Wells; 7, Garrigues; 6, Nichols; 5, Carman; 4, Dubois; 3, Walker; 2, Bampton; bow, England; cox., Winn.

The three 150-pound crews which have been rowing regularly this fall under Coach Sullivan may have an informal race tomorrow also, but the three University crews, Coach Whiteside announced, would probably not race until Tuesday.