Carver Raps Crusaders Declaring They Have No Right To Use Misleading Title--Movement One Of Selfish Motives

In the belief that the title Crusaders, used by one of the anti-prohibition organizations, is not only misleading but also inaccurate, Professor T. N. Carver, professor or Political Economy, declared in an interview yesterday afternoon, that such a misrepresentation would indicate that the movement is one of selfish rather than social motives.

Enlarging upon this statement, Professor Carver explained that a true crusader is either a solider of the cross or at least one who is working for an unselfish cause.

When asked why he thought so many men at Harvard had already joined, Professor Carver said he believed that most students did not realize that such organizations as these were usually heavily backed by brewers and others, who were out for themselves, as was the Association against the Prohibition Amendment in 1928, to which 32 breweries contributed.

"If college men could see that prohibitionists have nothing to gain from their beliefs, and that they are entirely sincere and unselfish in their attempts to improve this country, then these students would be able to comprehend the whole situation more clearly," he said. At present one-third of the nation is dry and believing this to be the best for the whole country; another third is wet purely for its own benefit, and the remaining third is puzzled. If this last third could be enlightened, and show what the wets are really after, prohibition would be assured of success.