In the Graduate Schools

Third Year Law School Men to Present Meet Cases After Mace Ceremony

An ancient mace, used in the Provincial Court of Massachusetts in pre-Revolutionary days, will be carried into the court room of Langdell Hall tonight at 8 o'clock to officially open the semi-final arguments of the Ames competition.

The mace was presented to the Harvard Law Review last April, by the Honorable J. M. Woolsey, United States District Judge of New York, and will be handled tonight according to the producer of common law courts. The three acting judge, who will preside at the trail are to be ushered in by a marshall.

The Ames competition, which is conducted consists of the presentation and trial of a series of moot cases an various subjects by the Law School clubs. In the first year, each club must qualify to center the competition, and in the fall of the second year a competition is carried on which eliminates all but eight clubs. Quarter-finals are held in the spring of the second year, so that only third-year men participate in the tall semi-finals.

At each trial, tonight and tomorrow night three judges will make the decision, basing them on the ability displayed in drawing up the brief, the proper emphasizing of the historical or analytical development of theories, the oral presentation itself, the comprehension of the questions directed at each man, and the conciseness of the answer that he makes.

The manes of the cause to be tried, the clubs, and the third year men representing them are as follows:

Tonight: Raynor vs. Anderson et al., Pound Club, plaintiff, W. L. Broad, L. A. Williams, Jr. vs. Scott Club, defendant, T. H. Eliot, F. H. Sloss.

Tomorrow night: Jones vs. Ames Electric Power Company et al., Sayre Club, plaintiff, L. M. Smith, J. F. Davis vs. Lowell club, defendant, J. J. Fine, J. B. Messitte.

Judges on the cases for tonight are: Honorable W. C. Wait '82, Justice of the Supreme Judicial court of Massachusetts. Honorable F. T. Field, Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, and Honorable J. C. Knox, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.