Figures from Phillips Brooks House Show Protestants are Fewer--Many Miscellaneous Sects

According to the recent announcement from Phillips Brooks House regarding the church denomination figures of all students at the University, the Episcopalians still head the list, with 1112 men indicating it as their religious affiliation.

Each year the Phillips Brooks House assembles a list of the denominations from a questionnaire that is inserted in the registration envelope at the beginning of the year. Although this year's record shows a marked decrease as compared with last year, in some of the Protestant affiliations, as the Congregational, Presbyterian, and Unitarian, the denominations ranking first, Episcopalian, Jewish, and Catholic each show an appreciable gain. Out of the 6318 that registered, 1185 did not specify their denominations at all, and the remainder indicated as follows:

Episcopalians, 1112; Jewish, 808; Catholic, 756; Congregational, 480; Methodiat, 461; Presbyterian, 383; Unitarians, 361; Baptists, 215; Protestant, 175; Christian Science, 103; Lutheran, 90; Church of Christ, 52; Universalist, 29; Quaker, 28; Greek Orthodox, 28; Miscellaneous, 26.