Music by University Choir, Speech by Paul Shorey '78 Included--New Men of 1932 and 1933 Become Members

At noon today in Sanders Theatre a distinguished group of nearly 500 persons will meet to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Harvard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and to conduct initiation ceremonies for the group of 40 undergraduates, 32 seniors and eight juniors, who were recently elected to membership in the society. The poem, oration, and other ceremonies will commence at 12 o'clock. The second gallery is open to the public, and there will be no admission charge.

On the platform of the theatre will sit the President of the Chapter, Justice W. C. Wait '82; the Secretary, W. G. Howard '91, Professor in the Department of Modern Languages; the Orator, Paul Shorey '78; the Poet, Herman Hagedorn '07, and the Chaplain, W. W. Fenn '84, Professor of Theology in the Divinity School. Beside these speakers will be the first marshal, D. H. Popper '32, and R. U. Jameson '32, the second marshal, together with the newly elected members of the chapter.

Following the prayer by the chaplain the University Choir will sing the Harvard Hymn. Shorey will then speak on "American Loyalties" and this, after a choir selection, will be followed by the reading of the poem "The Three Pharaohs". Another hymn and a benediction by the chaplain will close the meeting.

The usual practice of bestowing the keys during the ceremony will not be followed this year owing to the amount of time that would be necessary to give them to such an unusually large number of men. President Lowell will give out the keys after the dinner. It was announced that besides welcoming in this way the chosen undergraduates, membership will be bestowed on K. L. Kjellesvig, in behalf of the chapter at the University of North Carolina, where he was an undergraduate. Kjellesvig, who receives his key today, is a student in the Harvard Medical School. That there will be no conferring of honorary memberships was also made known. The 'shingles', facsimile photographs of the original Harvard Phi Beta Kappa charter of 1779, signed by Justice Wait and Professor Howard will be distributed to the new men later in the year.

There are 125 chapters of this honor fraternity in the country, and delegates from 75 of these will attend the meeting. Among the representatives coming to Harvard are President E. B. Bryan of Ohio State University, President Henry Le Favour of Simmons College, President S. D. L. Marsh of Boston College, President J. H. Morgan of Dickinson College, and President C. M. Sells of Bowdoin. William and Mary College, where the fraternity was first organized will be represented by Professor D. W. David, while Yale will send H. A. Farr. Professors Sigurther Nordal, Charles Eliot Norton Lecturer for this year, and Friedrich von der Leyen, Kuno Francke Lecturer will be among those present at the exercises.


From the class of 1933 the following will become members: Sidney Cohen, H. C. Hatfield, W. A. Huppuch, Richard Inglis, Jr., K. N. McMahan, Peter Shuobruk, A. E. Taylor, and B. A. Winter

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