To Address the Business Historical Society on Friday

Wendell Phillips Dodge will lecture before the Business Historical Society of Harvard at the Baker Library, Cambridge, Friday, at 11 o'clock on the "Development of the Theatre as a Business from the Days of the Strolling Players to the Present Time."

Mr. Dodge has had considerable experience in the dramatic world being closely allied with such men as Belasco, Crest, Shubert, and has had considerable influence in the promotion of the American Theater, being founder of the first American Theatre in Europe.

As an organizer Mr. Dodge is well known through his work with the Tormentors which is an exclusive club conceived and organized through Mr. Dodge's influence. This club has its headquarters in New York City and includes such people as Frank A. Vanderlip, David Belasco, William Gillette, Charles Dana Gibson, and Professor John Erskine.

In Boston Mr. Dodge is directing this activities to the forming of the establishment of the Boston Civic Theatre. The plans are to take over the Repertory Theatre and produce outstanding plays similar to the productions of the old Boston Museum Stock Company.