Spring crew started auspiciously yesterday when over 300 Freshman and upperclass crew candidates gathered for meetings in Lowell and Smith halls, respectively. The 1934 oarsmen met in the Smith Halls common room at 7 o'clock in the evening, where they registered, and where Captain J. W. Hallwell '31, Head-coach C. J. White-side, and Freshman coach H. H. Haines, gave a series of short talks in which they outlined the coming season, pointing out the quantity of good material which was represented at the meeting, but emphasizing the fact that what a man had done at school was not to influence his progress on his Freshman squad, while, on the other hand, previously inexperienced men have earned and held positions in the first boat.

Hallowell Stresses Cooperation

The upperclass registrants reported to their coaches yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock in Lowell House commons. Captain Hallowell began the meeting by a short address in which he stressed the necessity for a successful season, saying that this depended entirely upon the spirit displayed and on the cooperation given the coaches. White side followed by a talk which touched first upon the promising number of candidates which were present. He went on to describe the nature of the coming season, discussing the first crew squad, and especially the status of the third boat.

Minor Coaches Talk

Coach E. J. Brown '96, continued on the same general theme, with reference to class crews, while Fred Sullivan '27, University 150-pound coach, described the difficulties of the coming 150-pound season, which will be as follows; Saturday. May 16, Yale and Princeton, at Derby; Thursday, May 21, first and second 150-pound boats versus those of M. I. T.; and Saturday, May 30, the American Henley at Philadelphia. The early nature of the season will necessitate an early fitness, according to Sullivan, who went on to advocated getting into midseason condition as rapidly as possible in order to make up for the shortness of the preliminary period.

The schedules of the University and Freshman boats during the coming spring will be as follows: Saturday, May 2, the triangular regatta between Harvard, M. I. T., and Princeton; Saturday, May 16, Navy and Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia; Saturday, May 23, Cornell, Syracuse, and M. I. T., (the three winners of the Poughkeepsie regatta last June), at Ithaca; Friday, June 19, Yale, at New London.

Among the promising candidates for the University squad are: the following members of last year's first boat--T. E. Armstrong '32, F. F. Colleredo-Mannsfeld '32, J. M. Erickson '32, Captain Hallowell, M. M. Johnson '31, and A. N. Webster '31; the following members of last year's Freshman boat--W. B. Bacon '33, Malcolm Bancroft '33, G. J. Cassidy '33, R. H. Ballowell '33, Robert Saltonstall, Jr., '33, and F. J. Swayze '33