University Press Releases Manuscript Researches Tomorrow--Seven Books are Announced

Seven works in the field of general literature, philosophy, religion, and art are to be released tomorrow by the Harvard University Press.

The lectures by H. W. Garrod, Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry, will be presented in a volume entitled "Poetry and the Criticism of Life". Professor Garrod centers his criticism chiefly around the work of Matthew Arnold, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Arthur Hugh Clough. A striking analysis of Robert Bridges' "Testament of Beauty" is included.

Of interest to students of both Coleridge and Shakespeare is "Coleridge's Shakespearean Criticism" by Thomas Middleton Raysor, to appear in two volumes. Professor Raysor has restored the text from the original manuscripts, with the addition of reports of Coleridge's oral lectures, and other miscellaneous material never before published. He has also contributed an introduction, and critical and explanatory notes.

"The Journal of Washington Irving," edited by Stanley Williams, of Yale University, is an exact reproduction of a manuscript journal kept by Irving during thirteen months of his life in Germany, France, Holland, and England, and promises to be of great value to the student of American literature, in that it sheds a new light on an interesting man and an interesting period.

"A Defense of Philosophy", by Ralph Barton Perry, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, is a short work designed to give the general student and reader of philosophy an understanding of the subject as a whole.

In a volume entitled "Religion and Life", W. B. Selbie, Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford, presents a simple and summary interpretation of religion in its relation to the life and thought of men under modern conditions.

A series of art studies, in two volumes, edited by members of the Department of the Fine Arts at Harvard and Princeton Universities, and the "Martin Classical Studies", the first of a series of volumes containing lectures delivered at Oberlin College on the Charles Beebe Martin Foundation, complete the list of publications for immediate release.