Hail Unity of Feeling Between Tutors and Students--Units Remind "News" Officer of Hotels

Enthusiastic comments on the House Plan at Harvard were made yesterday by the seven Yale students who recently visited Lowell and Dunster Houses. The Yale men returned Tuesday, after a two day visit during which they investigated the success of the House Plan, and talked over the athletic policies of the two universities. The Crimson entertainment of the Yale group was hailed by them as an idea which Yale should try to make a permanent feature of reciprocal relations.

Sees Community of Thought

Alfred Ogden, chairman of The Yale News editorial board, reported as follows:

"I believe that the community of thought and feeling between students, tutors and masters is the outstanding achievement of the 'houses.' The common use of dining hall, squash court and house libraries, all under the same roof, are factors contributing to the sense of unity within, but not isolation to the outside world."

J. R. Stewart, president of the Yale Student Council, praised the cheerful relations between faculty and students which had resulted from the system including intramural sports.

W. A. Lydgate, retiring editor of The Daily News editorial board, said:

"It must be admitted that, in contrast to some of the Yale dormitories, Lowell and Dunster House have very little atmosphere. The corridors, rooms and bathrooms, remind one of a hotel rather than a college dormitory.