An important independent organ of publicity for the Harvard Graduate School of Education has been established in the recently founded Harvard Teachers Record. Although the magazine is not a wholly new venture, since it continues a series of supplements to the Harvard Alumni Bulletin, its new form will give it a wider field of influence in the educational world.

It is the special function of any graduate school to carry on research in its particular field. Like the various faculties of the medieval universities it ought to be a center of thought on its subject. In addition to teaching long established knowledge the graduate school has the task of evolving new theories.

The Graduate School of Education, if it fulfills its purpose, will develop a philosophy of education, probably somewhat different from that of other schools. It will have its own opinion as to which road leads to the approachable, if unattainable, educational millenium.

In order that the Harvard School may have influence on progressive methods in education, it must have some effective means of publicity. As a medium of communication between the School and the growing portion of the public which is interested in the vital problems of education, the Harvard Teachers Record fills a distinct need.