Drawings of Gleyre to be Featured in Coming Show--Pictures Loaned by the Lowell Institute

Beginning Monday, and continuing until April 1, an exhibition of Water Colors and Drawings by Gabriel-Charles Gleyre will be held in the Fogg Art Museum. The exhibition, which will include some 30 pictures from a large travelogue group, was lent by the Lowell Institute through the courtesy of the trustee, the president of the University.

The group comprises landscape and figure subjects which were originally made to illustrate the journey taken by John Lowell in the Near East in 1834. Gleyre was commissioned by Lowell to make a figure of contemporary costume and a landscape view of each country which they visited.

Gleyre was born at Chevilly of French Swiss origin in 1806 and died in Paris in 1874. His early training was begun in Lyon, where he studied under an artist named Bounefond and in 1825 he went to Paris to begin his major training. In 1828 he travelled in Italy, copying Giotto frescoes in Padus, visiting Florence and Rome. In the latter places he spent four years, and in the year 1833 was represented as an exhibitor in the Paris' Salon.