Smith Halls Common Room is Scene of Discussion -- Hold Second Assembly Thursday

Freshmen will have a chance to hear the House Plan discussed tonight, in the first of two meetings to take place this week in the Freshmen Halls. The meeting tonight will be held at 7 o'clock in the common room of Smith Halls.

President Lowell will be the chief speaker tonight, and will be followed by Professor R. B. Merriman '96, who will be Master of Eliot House next year, and Vernon Munroe, Jr. '31, president of the Student Council. The talks will not concern individual Houses, but will attempt to give an outline of the entire plan. All of the House Masters will be at the meeting, however, and after the talks they will discuss individual Houses with any men who wish information.

Meet in Smith

The members of Smith, Apley, Standish, Shepherd Halls and vicinity will attend the meeting tonight, and the members of the other Freshman Halls will attend the next meeting in Gore Hall common room on Thursday. At that assembly President Lowell will also talk, but the other speakers will be Professor J. P. Baxter, III, and J. B. Campbell '31.

These meetings have purposely been held before the Freshmen have to make a definite choice of field of concentration, and at a time when they start to make their applications for the Houses. It is important that all men should attend, as it may be their last chance to obtain a complete summary of the Houses before making their choices. The closing date for applications for the houses will be about April 25, sometime fairly soon after the choice of field of concentration has been made.