In the Graduate Schools

Secondary School Problems Discussed by Surette and Spaulding

Under the auspices of the Harvard Teacher's Association, two meetings will be held today, starting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. T. W. Surette '92, will be chairman of the afternoon conference on "Music in the Public Schools," held at 2 o'clock in Lawrence Hall, and Professor F. T. Spaulding '16, will lead the evening meeting at 8 o'clock in Emersen D.

The first conference will consider the goals of musical education in the school, the musical materials appropriate for school use, and the methods of teaching music in school classes. The conference is intended for superintendents, principals, and teachers of other subjects, rather than for music teachers, and students in the Graduate School of Education are especially invited.

There will be two talks at the conference on secondary education. The first will be on "The Meaning of Graduation in the Reorganized Secondary School," by Professor Bancroft Beatly '15. in which he will discuss the wide variations in requirements for a diploma in the different schools. Professor Beatly will go on to discuss the question of reorganization of the secondary schools in order to make graduation a definite thing, or else abandonment of our old ideas of what a secondary school diploma means.

As the second talk of the meeting, Professor Spaulding will read a paper by Dean R. W. Holmes '03, on "Standards versus Flexibility." In this paper Dean Holmes will show the difficulty of applying new educational ideas of achievement while preserving a democratic school.