In the Graduate Schools

Service to Maintain Alumni Contact With Research Developments

Complete plans for establishing a post graduate educational service to provide alumni of the Harvard Dental School with up-to-date information on the latest developments in dental practice, have been adopted by the Administrative Board of the School, according to an announcement made by Dean L. M. S. Miner. The program will not be carried out unless a sufficiently large number of graduates signify their intention of subscribing to the service.

The plan represents a fundamental change from past practice, under which a dentist's education ceased with his graduation from the School. This has always been unsatisfactory due to the rapid progress in the scientific technique of dentistry, which graduates only gained in a haphazard fashion from numerous current magazines.

The service will include three definite branches at present and possible additions in the future as need becomes evident. A monthly instruction sheot, presenting the latest knowledge on specific dental problems and other important data, will be issued. Special question and answer sheets will be conducted. Correspondence or conference in person with the various departments of the Dental School will be allowed to subscribers.

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