University Stroke Returns to Squad After Week's Absence--Bacon is Out With Cold

Races today and at the end of the week between the three crews now forming the first University 150-pound squad, are expected to establish a definite first crew. A time trial held last Saturday over a mile course made it obvious that the boats now being stroked by Donough Prince '31, and by R. R. White '32, represent the best material, and the coming trials will probably result only in a redistribution of the men in those two boats.

The return of C. J. Cassedy '33 to his old position as stroke of one of the three University boats, after having been absent for a week with a sprained ankle, leaves only one man on the sick list of the first squad. W. B. Bacon '33, reported a slight cold yesterday, and was substituted at stroke by F. F. Colloredo-Mannsfeld '32, who has been rowing with the squad for several weeks, although he is disqualified from intercollegiate competition during the coming season.

If the weather holds fair, Fred Sullivan '27, coach of the 150-pound crews, plans to hold a race in the Charles River Basin today, and will presumably limit it to a 6 1-2 minute contest. Although the boat which has lately been listed as Crew A has had the edge in the recent trials, Sullivan expects to make one or two shifts before he settles upon the combination which will meet the Kent School crew on the Housatonic during the spring vacation. The lineups today will be as follows.

Crew A. Stroke, White. 7, Alexander or Lincoln '32, 6. John Wiggins '33; 5, Harper Wood ward '31; 4. John Wiggins '33; 3. Robert Livermore, Jr., '32; 2. F. R. Gilbert '33; bow, C. C. Perry '31.

Crew B. Stroke, Prince: L. Evan Randolph, Jr., '32; 6. R. D. Wells '33; 5 J. DeW. Perry, Jr., '32, 4. G. F. Lombard '33; 3 C. R. Pratt '33; 2,. C. N. Proufy, Jr., '31; Bow. D. L. Charlton '31.

Crew C. Stroke, C. R. Benson Jr., '32; 7. W. F. Lufe '31; 6. W. F. Federson '31; 5, S. R. Stackpole '33; 4. L. L. Filstrup '33; 3, C. Mef Campbell. Jr., '33; 9. Timothy Rhodes '33; Bow. J. M. Bigelow '33