Etchings, Lithographs, and Acqua-tints Exhibited--Drawings of Rockwell Kent Considered His Best

An exhibition of etchings, lithographs, and aqua-tints is being held by the Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, and will continue until May 15 is their display rooms at 1400 Massachusetts avenue. The exhibition includes works of American, Mexican, English and French artists.

Among the best of the works exhibited are those of Rockwell Kenf, III '32, Jean Charlot of France, Marie Laurencin, also of France, and Diego Rivera of Mexico. There are also several exceptionally well done etchings and lithographs by some lesser known artists on exhibition.

The etchings by Kenf are considered to be his best according to good authorities. Diego Rivera, who is at present doing the mural paintings in the San Francisco stock exchange, has lent some fine lithographs to the Society for this show, as has Marie Laurencin, one of the younger French artists, who has done two striking lithographs in color.