Holes Drilled 35 Feet Probe Firmness of Foundations--Steeple Possible on Corner Near Sever

Borings have been started around Appleton Chapel in order to find out if the earth foundations are sufficiently solid to support the proposed Memorial Chapel.

The man in charge of the work said that, after boring 35 feet, he found in one place a rock bottom, and in another a hardpan formation, which is a mixture of clay, gravel and sand, and makes a very good foundation. The ground that will be under the heavy steeple of the proposed chapel has been tested to the satisfaction of the foreman. So, the steeple will be able to be built on the corner of the new chapel nearest Sever, as the design calls for.

Four or five more holes will have to be drilled before the final verdict can be passed on the solidity of the ground. These holes will be drilled around the present chapel, but are included in the foundation of a Memorial Chapel which, according to plans, will be larger than Appleton Chapel.