The Student Vagabond

It is with sincere regret that the Vagabond once more is forced to comment upon the dehabilitating effects of hot weather. Spring fever usually arrives the last week in April and departs promptly on May Day, but this year things have been different. Spring fever has beset the Vagabond with a vengeance, and at present the ailment has announced no definite date of departure.

He has tried all manner of cures from taking a book out of Widener to just sitting and staring. The latter is preferable; there is no book to take back. But neither seems to be a preventative; they appear to be unfortunate symptoms.

The Vagabond in desperation is going to attempt the horrors of mental travail as a counter irritant. Today at 10 he will go to Paine Hall to hear the last movement of Brahms' First, played and then discussed by Professor Ballantine. As a matter of fact he feels much more harkening to Herbert's "Kiss Me Again," but he has heard that Brahms is considered awfully good, albelt intellectual.


9 o'clock

"The Reign of James H". Professor Merriman, Harvard 6.

"T. S. Eliot", Professor Richards, Sever 36.

10 o'clock

"Lanier, Emily Dickinson, W. V. Moody". Dr. Carpenter, Harvard 2.

"The Communist Dictatorship and the Cultural Life of the Country", Professor Karpovich, Boylston 21.

11 o'clock

"English Poetry in 1900", Professor Eiton, Sever 11.