Booth Makes Best Individual Score as Crimson Wins 521 to 511--Powel and Wing Missing From Line-up

Despite the loss of two of its five expert marksmen, the Harvard Rifle Club team succeeded yesterday afternoon in overcoming the visiting Trinity College sextet on the Arlington range by a score of 521 to 511 points.

In very poor weather conditions, the Crimson riflemen repeated their victory of last year over the Hartford men, although by a somewhat smaller margin, while on the whole the shooting did not come up to last year's standard. J. A. Booth '33, with 96 out of a possible 100 points, obtained the best individual score of the meet. T. C. Buckley '32, and K. R. Ludiam '33, who have also qualified as expert marksmen, both shot considerably below their usual standard. Samuel Powel, Jr. '32 and W. M. Wing '31 were the two regular members of the team missed yesterday. Trinity's high man, Laubin, who shot a 98 last year, only obtained a 92 yesterday. Springfields and Kraggs were the two types of .30 calibre rifles used in the match.

The summary:

Scoro--Harvard 521, Trinity 511, High scorer, J. A. Booth '33, 96; Laubin (T), 92; Hall (T), 88; K. R. Ludlam '33, 88; E. V. Seeler '32, 88; T. C. T. Buckloy '32, 87; Doolittle (T), 86; Lawton (T), 85; Mitchell (T), 82; David Weld '34, 82; W. W. Sargent '32, 80; Eddy (T), 78.