Gift of Mrs. Lee Enables Foundation Of Professorship-Plan to Collect Records of Cases

Fifteen candidates were named yesterday afternoon to fill the places on the Harvard Board of Overseers left vacant by the expiration of the terms of five members. The names were submitted by the committee on nominations of the Harvard Alumni Association. At the same time the committee named nine candidates to fill the three vacancies occuring in June on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Alumni Association.

The five members of the Board of Overseers whose terms expire in June are: Le Baron Russell Briggs '75, of Cambridge; the late Charles MacVeagh '81, of New York City; Franklin Swift Billings '85, of Woodstock, Vermont; Philip Stockton '96, of Boston, and Thomas Jefferson Coolidge '15, of Boston.

The candidates for overseers, whose names will appear on the ballots to be mailed in April to all holders of Harvard degrees eligible to vote, are as follows: Minot Simons '91, of New York City; Daniel Fiske Jones '92, of Boston; Nathan Hayward '95, of Philadelphia; Albert Arnold Sprague '98, of Chicago; Robert Eliot Goodwin '01, of Concord; Albert Francis Bigelow '03, of Brookline; Trowbridge Calloway '05, of New York City; Robert Amory '06, of Milton; George Whitney '07, of New York City; DeCoursey Fales '11, of New York City; Christian Archibald Herter '15, of Boston; Richard Cary Curtis '16, of Boston; Francis Parkman '19, of Southboro; Barklie McKee Henry '24, of New York City; Winthrop John Vanleuven, Hon. '25, of New York City.

The candidates for the Board of Directors of the Harvard Alumni Association are as follows: Spencer Borden, Jr. '94, of Fall River; Robert Haydock Hallowell '96, of Milton; Philip Clayton Staples '04, of Ardmore, Pennslyvania; Bernon Sheldon Prentice '05, of Rumson, New Jersey; John Reynolds '07, of New York City; Templeton Briggs '09, of Cincinnati, Ohio; Edward William Mahan '16, of New York City; Lloyd Kirkham Garrison '19; of New York City; Malcolm Whelen Greenough '25, of Boston.