Musical Shows

Hollis--"The Gondoliers"--a Savoy Opera seldom given in America, and musically perhaps the best of the series. A good performance which fails only a little in delicacy of touch.


Plymouth--"Cynara," with Philip Merivale and Sir Guy Standing.

Copley--"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," a farcical comedy by St. John Ervine, with E. E. Clive.

Colonial--"Green Pastures." Last two weeks of Marc Connelly's Hebrew-African mythology.


Paramount--"The Big Broadcast," a dreary parade of Radio's luminaries, who shine very dimly indeed on the screen. One "Bing" Crosby booms and sighs, one Kate Smith yearns audibly in song, one Stuart Erwin falls over things. A dire prophecy of television.

University--"A Successful Calamity." George Arliss as financier who wins back the affection of his family by pretending to be poor. Splendid for the children!

State--"Mr. Robinson Crusoe." Douglas Fairbanks romps with a dog on a tropical island. With the able assistance of M.-G.-M.'s property man, he makes tools, builds a house, makes a radio, fights natives.