On the Stage

Hollis Street--"The Chillington."

Majestic--"Walk of a Little Faster." Beatrice Lille, Clark, and McCullough. Will you or won't you?

Plymouth--"Whistling in the Dark." Ernest Truex. Superb, obvious, clean humor.

Shubert--"Face the Music." Mary Boland. The siege of Berlin.

Tremont Temple--"Sinbad, the Sailor." Tony Sarg's Marionettes. A saga with some strings attached.

Wilbur--"No Money to Guide Her."

And On the Screen

Central--"Madison Square Garden." Zazu Pitts and Jack Oakie.

Fenway--"He learned about Women." Alison Skipworth and Stuart Erwin.

Fine Arts--"Tempest." Emil Janings.

Keith Boston--"The Sport Parade." Joel McCrea and Marian Marsh.

Loew's State and Orpheum--"Rain." Joan Crawford. "A cloudburst of passion!"

Metropolitan--"If I had a Million." Cooper, Ruggles, Oakie, Skipworth, Gibson, and 10 other stars. What would you do?

Paramount and Uptown--"You Said a Mouthful." Joe E. Brown.

R.K.O. Keith's--"The Conquerors." Ann Harding.

Scollay--"Three on a Match." Warren William and Joan Blondell.

University--"The Phantom of Crestwood."