Cup Will Be Put Up For Competition Every Year--Race This Year April 29 on Charles

Named for Dr. K.T. Compton, honorary alumnus of Harvard, former head of the Physics department at Princeton and now president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a trophy cup of old English gilt silver is being given by the student body of Technology for perpetual competition between Harvard, Princeton, and M.I.T. in a crew race to be held each spring.

Culminating two years of endeavor to establish this race as a permanent event in the rowing calender, the new cup will be placed in competition for the first time this Spring when the race will be held on the Charles on April 29th. The sup will be presented to President Compton by the president of the Technology student body the night before the event, and he will personally present it to the winning crew the following afternoon. In addition to the cup, there will be a complement of some form on which will be recorded the particulars of each race.

Dual Meet Last Year

Two years ago the three schools rowed on the Charles with the understanding that the event would be repeated the host. During the past season Harvard found it impossible to make the trip to Princeton, and the race was a dual between Princeton and Technology. Next Spring the meet again becomes triangular, as it will continue to be.

The race will be one and three quarters to two miles in length, depending on the course, and will be rowed on alternate years at Princeton and Cambridge. Each year the cup will be retained by the winning crew which will put it up for competition the following year.

The cup is the latest of a series of trophies to be presented for a similar purpose. Other cups recently placed in competition are the Childs' Cup, the Carnegie Cup, and the Charles Francis Adams Cup for the Harvard, Navy, Pennsylvania race Within the past few years the number of triangular meets has increased steadily, and the presentation of this latest cup makes the position of the three-concerned meet more secure.