Excerpts from the current production of the Harvard Dramatic Club, "Circumstantial Evidence," will be broadcast over station WBZ tonight at 8 o'clock. Leading members of the cast will present for the radio audience moments from the tense courtroom scene of the play. They will use the studio in the Bradford Hotel.

The prosecution scene in the courtroom will be dramatized by the two leading men. J. R. Yungblut '34, as Metcalf, the prisoner in the dock, who has been accused of the murder of his wife, is questioned by Robert Breckinridge '34, who plays the part of the attorney, Frank Dearden. The play itself will open tomorrow at the Pi Eta Theatre, and run for the remainder of the week.

Two changes in the cast were announced yesterday. T. G. Ratcliffe, Jr. '35 will play the part of Sam, and Elizabeth Tracy, president of the Radcliffe Idler Society, is to play the part of a witness.

Among the patrons and patronesses of this forty-fourth production of the club are the following: Mrs. G. R. Agassiz, Mrs. Thomas Allen, Mrs. John Bartol, Mrs. P. deM. Barby, Mr. and Mrs. J. deH. Bell, Mrs. M. T. Brevoort, Mrs. G. S. Burgess, Professor and Mrs. J. L. Coolidge Mrs. J. B. Ely, Mrs. F. L. Day.

Mrs. G. H. Edgell Miss E. M. Estabrook, Mrs. J. R. Fearing, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gay, Mr. A. M. Goodridge, Mrs. M. I. deGozzaldi, Mrs. A. G. Grant, Professor and Mrs. C. N. Greenough, Mrs. H. P. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Harrington, Mrs. E. W. Hutchins, Mrs. B. K. Little, Mrs. H. E. McElwain Mrs. C. G. Mixter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Montague, Mrs. A. W. Moors.

Mrs. M. I. Motte, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Nealley, Mrs. T. J. Nowbold, Mrs. R. H. Oveson, Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips, Mrs. W. L. Pierce, Mrs. H. B. Prout, Mrs. Edward Read, Mrs. O. W. Richardson, Mrs. Thomas Russell, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Sawtell