Eight Lettermen Strengthened By Six-Promising Sophomores Are Nucleus Of Crimson's Hockey Hopes

HARVARD  TECHNOLOGY Wolcott, l.w.  r.w., Thompson Putnam, c.  c., Hornes Saltonstall, r.w.  l.w., Sylvester Watts, l.d.  r.d., Carey Martin, r.d.  l.d., Mathias deGive, g.  g., Milliken

Completely untried but showing much promise on paper, the CRIMSON Varsity stickmen will meet their first test of a long 13-game season this evening in the Boston Garden, when Coach Stubbs will send his carefully trained outfit on the ice to oppose a clever, fast skating sextet from M.I.T. Although the squad has had only eight practice sessions since candidates were called on November 29, the 21 men retained on the squad include eight returning lettermen and six promising skaters from last year's Freshman team. The Engineer's were overcome by Princeton 3-1 last Saturday, but put on a very polished performance. The low score was surprising to the Tigers. During the first two periods Tech presented a five-man defense which Princeton was unable to penetrate, and even when they did get through on 36 separate occasions, Milliken, who defended the nets, stopped the puck. The offense consisted solely of one-man dashes down the ice.

From scores of previous games it would seem that this evening's game will be little more than an invigorating preparation for the first real clash of the season with McGill Saturday night in the Garden. Last year only the Canadian collegians were the only team that was unable to check the Crimson stickmen, when they out skated Coach Stubbs men in Boston to win 5-3. Harvard, however, came back to win the return game at Syracuse, 6-5.

Although the team is deprived of four of last year's veterans through graduation, Cunningham, Wood, McGregor and Crosby, will be in some measure replaced by Pruyn, Lincoln, Watts, and Dow. Coach Stubbs has found no completely satisfactory substitutes for McGregor and Crosby at the defense posts, nor has any replacement been found for Cunningham at right wing. Pruyn, who had early training at Concord will probably prove one of the most brilliant ice stars over developed at Harvard. He was the mainstay of last year's Freshman team which won six out of seven games, succumbing only to Concord in an overtime period. Pruyn will probably play pivot position on the second string between Baldwin at left wing, and Lincoln, at right wing. Hasler, Beale, Pell, Everett, and Gleason will constitute material for the third line, while Dow will be prominent in the defense work. Reece, who attended to the nets for the 1935 team in substitute goalie