Swimmers Clash Here at 3.30 O'Clock In Athletic Building--Initial Meet For Crimson Team

In its initial contest of the season Coach Bob Muir's Freshman swimming team will meet the M.I.T. yearlings this afternoon in the Indoor Athletic Building pool at 3.30 o'clock. Muir has been grooming his men all week for this first match, and he hopes to repeat his victory of last year over the Engineers. Although but two of his squad have ever had any outside competitive experience, there is a wealth of material on hand, and Muir is planning to use as many as he can today to give them some experience.

The lineups:

160-yard medley Harvard: C. N. Breed, Jr. '36, D. H. Pabst '36, J. L. V. Bonney, Jr '36, Timothy Fuller '36, J. B. Little '36, M.I.T.: Vonnegut, McConville, Furniss.

200-yard breast stroke Harvard: H. E. Jahn '36, W. S. White '36, S. M. Bessie '36; M.I.T.: Vonnegut, Cooper.

50-yard free style Harvard: J. M. Timken '36, R. C. Johnson '36, Timothy Fuller '36, R. G. Dorr '36, W. F. Read '36; M.I.T.: Furniss, Gillette.

220-yard free style Harvard: R. Y. Ryan '36, R. O. Rein '36, R. G. Dorr '36, W. R. Steckel '36; M.I.T.: Viola, Rethorst.

100-yard backstroke Harvard: C. N. Breed, Jr. '36, P. McC. Henry, Jr. '36, R. T. Fisher, Jr.; M.I.T.: McConville, Vonnegut.

100-yard free style Harvard: J. L. V. Ronney, Jr. '36, Timothy Fuller '36, R. O. Hein '36, W. F. Read '36, L. W. Reale '36; M.I.T.: Chapper, Spring.

Dive Harvard: Bevnard Merriam, H. '36, C. S. Richards, Jr. '36, H. K. Fitts; M.I.T.: Furniss.

Relay Harvard: J. M. Timken '36, J. L. V. Honney, Jr. '36, R. C. Dorr '36, R. V. Ryan '36, W. F. Read 36, T. H. Powd, Jr. '36, Howard Head '36, Timothy Fuller '36, R. C. Johnson '36; M.I.T.: Hinchay, Patterson, Knudsen, Furniss.