Recipient of Award Now Teaching in Geology Department

Dr. R. A. Daly '93, professor of Geology, has been awarded the Hayden Memorial medal for 1932 by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia. Dr. Daly was given the prize for his outstanding work in the study of igneous rocks, their genesis, and the mechanics of their intrusion into the mountains of the earth.

Dr. Daly graduated from Victoria University (Toronto) in 1891, and received his M. A. and Ph.D. from Harvard in subsequent years. He then studied at Heidelberg and Paris, after which he came to M. I. T., and later Harvard. He has done extensive travelling, often in connection with geological expeditions, and was a geologist for the Dominion of Canada during the international surveys.

The award was founded in 1888. The awarding committee for this year consisted of Dr. Charles Schuchert of Yale, Dr. Henry A. Pilsbury of the Philadelphia Academy, Dr. Henry Fairchild Osborn of the American Museum of Natural History and others.