News from the Houses

Defeat Leverett, Winthrop, Kirkland in House Squash

Taking all but one of their matches in league C yesterday the Eliot and Dunster racquetmen triumphed over Leverett and Winthrop, respectively, while Adams took Kirkland with four defaults and one defeat.

The summaries:

Dunster defeated Winthrop 4 to 1: L. O. Paul '32 (D) defeated W. F. Wolff '33 (W), 3-1; M. F. Loewenstein '32 (D) defeated J. M. Fox '32 (W), 3-2; J. B. Ames '32 (D) defeated E. C. Goodwin '32 (W), 3-2; G. P. Huntington '33 (D) won by default; P. C. Reardon '32 (W) defeated Richard Borden '33 (D), 3-1.

Eliot defeated Leverett 4 to 1: D. R. Weir '32 (E) defeated A. J. Bernstein '32 (Lev), 3-1; W. B. Pattee '33 (E) defeated E. E. Morison '32 (Lev), 3-1; F. A. Gilbert '34 (E) defeated E. W. Robinson '32 (Lev), 3-0; R. J. Shepherd '32 (E) defeated W. W. Sargent '32 (Lev), 3-1; W. F. Whitney '34 (Lev) defeated David Weld '34 (E), 3-1.

Adams defeated Kirkland 4 to 1: H. T. Swain '33 (A) won by default; L. M. Patterson '34 (A) won by default; R. W. Seayer '33 (A) won by default; R. B. Murray '32 (K) defeated D. I. Taradash '33 (A), 3-1; E. F. Taylor '32 (A) won by default.