Pour le Sport


To the Editor of the Harvard CRIMSON:

I am writing to call your attention to a misunderstanding arising from an unfortunate choice of words in your report on bobsledding as recounted by me.

In the headline you say that "Germans' inexperience caused wreck".

I particularly do not want to give the impression that the German team is inexperienced at the sport of bobsledding. As a matter of fact this team won the World's Championship last year and was the favorite for this year's contest.

My statement should have been interpreted to mean that unfamiliarity with the Mount Van Hoevenberg Run was the cause of their most regrettable mishap, this accident having occurred at the very start of their practice.

No one is more sincere than I in admiration for the ability of this splendid team. I deeply regret the misunderstanding which has arisen. Will you be so kind as to correct this unfortunate impression by printing this letter. Sincerely.   Louis Balsan.   Captain of the French bobsled team.

(Ed. Note: Captain Balsan was quoted yesterday as saying the German team was "unused to the slide and entered the curve at the wrong place . . . and was further endangered by the fact that the runners on their sled were rounded". The CRIMSON regrets that the headline did not make it clear that the Germans were, in Captain Balsan's opinion, inexperienced only as regards the Mount. Van Hoevenburg Run).