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A rumor that the clapper of the Memorial Hall tower bell, which has been silent since noon on Sunday, had been stolen during the Sander's Theatre services at that time, was confirmed late last night by University officials.

In addition to the heavy clapper, which has struck the hours ever since the clock was installed in the tower just after the Civil War, the entire mechanism of the regulator clock, which is suspended 60 odd feet above the platform, was lowered and removed. Only by a perilous ascent could the thieves have reached the aparatus, the removal of which is baffling University and local police, as there has not yet been found a trace or clue to solve the mystery.

"Taken in Fun" Apted Says

Commenting on the bold robbery, Charles Apted, Superintendent of caretakers declared he had no idea who took the clapper, or where it could be at present. "I would not like to say the apparatus was stolen," he continued, "but, rather that it was taken in fun, with the obvious intention of returning it when the excitement has died down."

Various Rumors Current

Rumors circulating about last night, fixed the blame on a group of Graduate School students, who recently successfully managed to remove a machine gun and a ten-foot R.O.T.C. banner at a recent ball, while others attributed the theft to Yale men seeking revenge for the famous Yale fence robbery, or a local organization seeking to enlarge its bell equipment.

Although the theft was not discovered until Monday morning, it was concluded that the vandals gained admittance to Memorial Hall during the Sunday Chapel services at 11 o'clock, found the dark, winding stairs to the belfry, and in some inconceivable way, scaled up to the bell.

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