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Bagley Finds Aerial Cameras' Use in Peace-Time Increased by More Lenses


"The multiple-lens camera has almost unlimited possibilities in the future of exploration and mapping, because by means of its large sections of remote territory can more easily be charged," said Major James W. Bagley, of the U. S. Corps of Engineers, in an interview last evening.

"An aerial photography unit has a two-fold purpose in an Air Corps during military operations. First, it supplies military maps of enemy territory and, second, furnishes detailed information concerning the movement of enemy troops and equipment," Major Bagley continued, "and such units were found of tremendous value during the War."

"Since the War, the developments in serial photography have been, for the most part, along the lines of improved mapping cameras to give accurate results which can furnish pictures with more detail and correctness. In the field of gathering information concerning troop movements, the aim has been to spot them with greater speed and accuracy. For this purpose larger cameras have been constructed to keep pace with improved aircraft which have a higher ceiling, and since more and more efficient planes are being constructed, photography must not fall behind.

"One of the most important developments has been in connection with night work, and, a remarkable speed in developing and printing pictures has been attained, to complete the process of photography."

"Perhaps the outstanding recent change has been the gradual increase in the number of lenses in the multiple lens camera.

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