Jayvee Man Raised to First Boat, With Bacon Back at 6 Again - Seconds Beat Cassedy Crew in Time Trial

When the University crew goes out today for its last spin on the Charles before entraining for Annapolis, the final line-up, which will probably remain intact for the Navy race on Saturday, will be the same as that which started against Tech last week, with the exception of number 2 position, which will be filled by C. F. Hovey '32 who has been rowing in the Jayvee boat. W. B. Bacon '33 will resume his seat at number 6, where J. W. Peirce '33 has been rowing the last two days.

After an early paddle today, following which the boats and oars will be packed up, the two crews will enjoy a complete layoff tomorrow before they leave on the night train. On arriving Friday, the crews will put in their last workouts on the Severn before the mile and three quarters race with Tech, Pennsylvania, and Navy the next day.

In a time trial yesterday, the strong Jayvee eight, which easily outrowed Tech by five lengths last week, gained a decisive lead over the first boat, and in a high East wind, crossed the finish line well ahead of Cassedy's boat, which, evidently feeling the effects of the rough water more seriously, wallowed in the chop two lengths behind:

The final seatings of the University eight will be; Stroke-G. J. Cassedy '33; 7, Robert Saltonstall, Jr. '33; 6, W. B. Bacon '33; 5, Malcolm Bancroft '33; 4, R. H. Hallowell '33; 3, J. M. Erickson '32; 2, C. F. Hovey '32; bow, W. H. Holcombe '33; cox, H. H. Bissell '33.