Newspapermen Pile Up Customary 23-2 Lead Over Funning Bagsters as Stellar Game Is Called on Account of Darkness

Displaying the same tenacity of purpose that has characterized CRIMSON baseball teams for many years, the classic diamond rivalry of CRIMSON and Lampoon was revived again yesterday, with the newsmen 23 to 2 ahead when the shadows were growing long on Soldiers Field. A large group of spectators, attracted by the thought that the spectacle was a now brand of rugby, attended in a body, and filled benches on both sides of the field.

In an obvious attempt to disguise his delivery from the pitching berth, the president of the funsters beard down on the first CRIMSON batters without success. The executive board of the pressmen met the tosses of the Lampoon hurler with increasing vigor, and despite the fact that the bases were loaded, the baselines crowded with short stuttered humorists, CRIMSON runners were able to reach the bases safely each time. The referees, handicapped in their work by the constant orientation of play, did, however, reach the scene of action occasionally in time to penalize the losing team for holding, and for pilling on.

Twice to their credit the Lampoon men rallied to the cause, and by clever base running eluded the waiting crowd on first by starting the circuit on the other side of the diamond. The press men were not to be caught napping, however, and had the play completely sized up when a lateral pass was completed, and two Lampoon men crossed the plate.

Employing the crouch start exclusively, as well as a flying wedge for running interference, the Plympton Street team wrestled its way around the dusty bases in one frantic inning after another. It was finally necessary for the Lampoon players to purloin one of the bases in order to end the game with a triple out.