Stowell Equals Own Pool Record For Backstroke--Pennsylvania Men Win Only Low Board Dive

Winning their sixteenth meet in 18 starts the Varsity swimming team left the Pittsburgh swimmers in their wake by a score of 52 to 23 at the Indoor Athletic Building Saturday night. Losing only the low board diving event the Crimson allowed but four seconds and five thirds to the Pittsburgh team, which up to Friday night has been undefeated in its last 14 meets.

The summary:

220-yard free style, swim Won by E. C. Devereux '34; second, Denny (P); third, A. W. Sherwood '35. Time--2 min., 27 2-5 sec.

50-yard free style swim-Won by R. D. Falion '33; second, Stinner (P); third, Norton (P). Time-24 4-5 sec.

Dive-Won by Clark (P), 75,37 points; second. H. S. Bowen '35, 71, 44; points; third, E. V. Keville '33, 60-62 points.

410-yard free style swim-Won by C. L. Jack '35; second, J. L. Ward '34; third, Warren (P). Time-5 min., 29 1-5 sec.

150-yard back stroke-Won by E. L. stowed '34, second, A. M. Jones '35; third, Reilly (P). Time 1 min., 44 4-5 sec, (Equal pool record)

220-yard breast stroke-Won by G. C. Larcot '33; second, Schmieler (P); third, Adlersourg (P). Time-2 min., 47 1-6 sec.

100-yard free style swim-Won by George Wightman '34; second, S. M. Wyman' '35; third. Norton (P). Time-55 4-5 sec.

110-yard relay-Won by Harvard; R. D. Failon '33, Heorae Winghtman '34, H. M. Howe '34, B. S. Wood '33; second, Pittsb urgh; Denny, Warren, Adlersburg, Stunner. time 3 tuin., 43 sec.