Harvard Senior, Not Yet 21, Running For City Council--McNair Cails For Voters To Support Russell

Cambridge's colorful, mud-slinging primary campaign reached a whirlwind finish last night. Revolving around the personality of Mayor Richard M. Russell '14, the campaign has been marked by severe criticism of the Russell regime from the three opposing candidates. Mayor Russell is looked upon as practically assured of one of the two places on the final ballot, as a result of today's voting.

An unusually large amount of Harvard interest attaches to the campaign this year, with several Harvard men taking an active part in the contest. Running for city councillor is Frederick W. Whittemore '34, Dunster House resident, whose candidacy was recetly given court sanction although he will not be 21 until after the primary election. James McC. Landis, professor of Legislation, who was also running for the council, withdrew from the contest following his appointment to the Federal Trade Commission. Robert S. Ward '21, son of the late Professor Robert Dec. Ward '89, is running for concillor-at-large.

Malcolm P. McNair '16, professor of Marketing, who last spring suddenly found himself a stormy petrel of Cambridge politics, recently sent a circular letter to voters in the city, supporting Mayor Russell.

It is understood that there is no vitally important issue under consideration in the election. Mayor Russell is running on the "Good Government" platform which his opponents have attacked from many angles. The issue of high taxes that dominated the last election no longer is held to be of great importance because the Russell Administration has reduced the tax burden upon the people to an appreciable amount.