Address Will Explain in Simple Terms Meaning of Various Scientific Units And General Methods

"Adventures in Science" will be the subject of a lecture-demonstration by Oliver Ajer of the General Electric Company's Research Laboratories, to be held in the New Lecture Hall tonight at 7.50 o'clock.

Mr. Ajer will present in a popular way the general methods, philosophy and objectives of the research scientist. Experiments with interesting scientific "gadgets" on the stage will brighten the lecture and will clearly reveal the new kind of tools which are being developed to keep pace with the fast growing field of electrical control in the modern world.

He will explain to the audience in simple terms the meaning of the electron, of micro-amperes, and the cathode rays. The properties of radium and uranium with their mysterious emanations, which man is as yet totally unable to control, will also be discussed at length and a demonstration will be offered of the versatility of vacuum tubes as the electric eye, the electric ear, and the electric touch.

Research scientists predict that an all-electric world may soon be a reality and electricity will be time-clocked as a super-worker whom man needs only supply with tools, thus taking one more step toward the perfectly mechanized world envisioned by various Utopists and by the prophets of Technocracy.

This lecture aims to point out simply a faithful series of recent developments in one of America's outstanding research institutions. Obviously, however, time will not permit more than hints of the true extent of research work carried on in the Laboratories.

The occasion for the lecture is the Fail Ladies Night of Engineering Societies of Boston in joint session with the New England Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society, through the courtesy of the Harvard Engineering School. The lecture will be open to all undergraduates.